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Valencia always knew that she’d captain her own ship one day.

She just needs experience. The only problem? No one is looking to hire an inexperienced runaway errand girl from Ranchero Station. Destiny waits for no one, so with a bag full of clothes and old books Valencia stows away on Captain Deuce DeLonghi’s ship, the Aristocrat.

Their mission? Running illegal guns to the alien planet of Endigo.

Thrust right into the fire Valencia must show the captain and grouchy sergeant that she not only belongs with the crew but that she can be the captain of her own crew some day.

This roaring adventure introduces Captain Valencia Vasquez, Sergeant Atticus Rose and the freighter Trystero from the coming of age space opera series Trystero.

About the Author

Dave Walsh was once the world’s foremost kickboxing journalist, if that makes much sense. He’s still trying to figure that one out.
The thing is, he always loved writing and fiction was always his first love. He wrote ‘Godslayer’ in hopes of leaving  the world of combat sports behind, which, as you can guess, did not exactly work. That’s when a lifelong love of science fiction led him down a different path.
Now he writes science fiction novels about far-off worlds, weird technology and the same damned problems that humanity has always had, just with a different setting.
He does all of this while living in the high desert of Albuquerque and raising twin boys. He’s still not sure which is harder: watching friends get knocked out or raising boys.