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Published by: DW
Release Date: Ongoing
Contributors: Dave Walsh

In the arena, humans were the appetizer for the galaxy's mightiest warriors... until now.

The galaxy's mightiest warriors battled it out inside the arena, which was no place for humans... until now.


There was no room for puny humans in the arena alongside the galaxy’s mightiest warriors... until now.

Coop Sabre, along with his exploding barbed wire bat Guy, has turned the galaxy upside down, taking crowds across the galaxy by storm. The brutal bloodsport of alien deathmatches was no place for the average person, but nothing about Coop and his reckless fighting style was average. 


Join Coop as he battles it out for galactic supremacy in the INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH.


INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH is an ongoing serial story.

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