Anarchy’s Edge (Andlios Book 4) eBook

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Trella embarks on a mission through the gate to investigate her people that were banished from Andlios, while Jace, Katrijn and Loren deal with the Earth Ministry looking to stamp out Khonsu Station's revolution. Note: eBook delivery is via email from BookFunnel. For further instructions on loading an ebook purchased directly from me, check out this guide.
Anarchy's Edge (Andlios Book 4)

Deep in the heart of the galaxy, an ancient, banished force lays in wait.

Life has transformed for Trella. No longer bound to the old ways of her people, she seeks her place in the galaxy, only to find as her father seizes power in Andlios he may be a puppet for figures from his own past. With the help of her old friends, she must venture out further into the galaxy than she ever has before, hoping to stop the Banished before it’s too late.

There’s just one problem: the Khonsu revolution finds itself besieged by the Earth Ministry. 

After Khonsu Station and the gate went dark, Katrijn and Jace ventured through once more, in search of Loren and their friends. What they weren’t expecting was their fragile intra-galaxy alliance hanging on by a thread as the Earth Ministry cut off Khonsu Station, looking to reclaim the station and quash the uprising before it could spread through the rest of the galaxy.

Every revolution faces its past, but is that post too powerful to stop?

Dave Walsh

Dave Walsh

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