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Special Offer! Get six Andlios books, normally a $22.99 value, for a deep discount.

  • The Cymage (Andlios Book 0.5)
  • Cydonia Rising (Andlios Book One)
  • Ganymede’s Gate (Andlios Book Two)
  • Monolith’s End (Andlios Book Three)
  • Anarchy’s Edge (Andlios Book Four)
  • Terminus Cycle (Andlios Legends)

“A full on save the princes and restore the Kingdom taken to new heights. Just when you thought all was well a new twist throws you back in your chair wondering where do we go from here :-)” – Goodreads review ★★★★★

“I highly recommend this for fans of space opera, adventure, swoon worthy ships, court intrigue, and fun world building.” – Goodreads review ★★★★★

The story was good, some entertaining characters, a bit or action. The recipe was well done and I always struggled to put this one down in between reads. ” – Amazon review ★★★★★