Cracked Palace (Trystero Book Six) eBook


Book six in the Trystero series.

The final installment of the Trystero series, follow Drake, Valencia and the crew while they race to save the galaxy from the mysterious Void.

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There’s no stopping the Void now. The gate has been cracked open.

Drake and Valencia spent years trying to prevent the coming of the all-powerful alien race known as the Void, only it was all for nothing. After Drake made a deal with the Void Inquisitor, the entity known as Drake Rose ceased to exist as everyone else knew him, leaving him a thrall at the command of the Void.

Valencia knows there’s no time to waste, trying to urge Terran leaders to join forces with the Gra’al in a show of unity against the coming storm, while Zed believes the only way there can be peace is in retribution against Ansel Breedon, the madman who’s xenophobic brinksmanship ruined the fragile peace the galaxy had been working towards.

As the crew track down missing Terrans and follow the clues they believe left to them by Drake, it’s a race against time to ensure the survival of both the Terran and Gra’al people against the unknown alien threat.