Cydonia Rising (Andlios Book One) eBook

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Andlios Book One

466 pages

Katrijn Freeman, the daughter of slain Emperor Jonah Freeman, is in exile after her brother claimed the throne for himself. She now must find new allies and a way back home to enact her father’s dying wish: restore freedom to the galaxy.

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The Emperor of the galaxy has fallen, slain at the hands of his own son.

Forced into exile, Katrijn was tasked with a mission sent to her by her father from beyond the grave: free the people of the Andlios Republic. Her biggest hurdle? First it’s the assassins sent after her by the emperor. After years alone on the fringes of the galaxy, who will be there to help her dethrone the mad emperor and reclaim the throne. Then, it’s dealing with her brother…

The Mad Emperor himself.

Katrijn must carve her own path forward, forging new alliances and swallowing her pride to take whatever help she can find along the way, no matter how… unconventional that help seems, even from sworn enemies.

If dethroning her deranged brother isn’t hard enough, she’s not the only one gunning for the throne, making it a deadly race to save the people of Andlios in this action-packed space epic.

3 reviews for Cydonia Rising (Andlios Book One) eBook

  1. LINDA B. (verified owner)


  2. Don Still (verified owner)

    Great reading of scifi planetary revolt and renewal. Displaced hier to the throne, sibling betrayal, intrigue and battles.

  3. Trevor T O’Brien (verified owner)

    Great book

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