Fractured Sentinel (Trystero Book Two) eBook


Trystero Book Two.

The exciting sequel to Broken Ascension. Follow Drake Rose and Valencia Vasquez on an adventure to the watery planet of Thuul where a mysterious client has hired the crew of the Trystero to retrieve a lost container. Of course, Thuul served as the site of the bloodiest battle in the Terran-Gra’al War and remains a watery grave.

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A bloody battle left the planet Thuul as a watery grave for human and alien alike.

For Valencia and the crew of the Trystero it was just another planet and their job was simple: retrieve some jettisoned cargo nearby and return it to their client. The simple jobs were always the ones that caused the most problems, though.

The crew of the ship that had lost the cargo? Missing. Never mind a flickering, unidentified alien vessel appeared in orbit around the watery planet Thuul and reports of ships going missing nearby.

With her crew already drifting apart and everything she’s worked for hanging in the balance there’s no room for mistakes. The mystery of Thuul and the flickering sentinel in orbit lead Valencia and the crew into the depths of their own minds in this psychological space adventure.


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