Ganymede’s Gate (Andlios Book Two) eBook


Ganymede’s Gate (Andlios Book Two)

262 pages

Jace Krios, Loren Jones and Katrijn Freeman blasted through the mysterious gate at the climax of Cydonia Rising, finding themselves across the galaxy. Alone in the Sol System and determined to return, they must find a way back through Ganymede’s Gate.

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They were stranded far from home. Their mission to restore order a failure.

Jace and Loren fought hard to restore Katrijn to the throne, yet here they are stranded in a far off star system with no one to trust. Trapped. Helpless. At the mercy of Earth’s corrupt Ministry forces.

They need to find a way back home, no matter the cost, all while fugitives from humanity’s two warring sides entrenched in different sides of the galaxy. With only their wits and the kindness of strangers to guide them, Jace and Loren must help Katrijn to return home and restore order to the Andlios Republic.

The only path they have… is to blast their way through Ganymede’s Gate.

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