Coop Sabre is the toughest man in the galaxy, fighting in the INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH league against aliens twice his size. Blending the action of gladiatorial combat and grandeur of Japanese deathmatch wrestling, INTERGALACTIC BASTARD was originally written in serialized fashion from July 2021 through December 2021.

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The galaxy’s mightiest warriors laughed at humans entering their arena… until they met the bastard.

Coop Sabre, along with his exploding barbed wire bat, Guy, has turned the galaxy upside down, taking crowds across the galaxy by storm. The brutal bloodsport of alien deathmatches was no place for the average person, but nothing about Coop and his reckless fighting style was average.

With everything he desires seemingly within reach, an unwanted question pops into his mind: Is this really what he wants out of his life?

The vicious cycle of violence, addiction and depression takes a toll on every warrior. It’s up to Coop to find where he belongs, or he risks losing it all.



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