Monolith’s End (Andlios Book Three) eBook


Monolith’s End (Andlios Book Three)

308 pages

Princess Alva’s rule over Andlios never ushered in a new era of peace as promised, leaving Trella to oppose her best friend and lover, while Jace struggles with a disturbing vision he had of Katrijn being slain at the hands of Alva.

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The Empress took the galaxy for herself at the cost of her humanity.

Alva’s ascent to the throne was not without its challenges, but Trella always stood by Alva’s side. Until now. Cast aside for tradition and power, Trella is adrift without a tether in the galaxy. The woman she sacrificed so much for has no use for her anymore.

With a renewed sense of urgency, Trella sets out to win her lover back, but can she hold on to the humanity she worked so hard for?

Her path is intertwined with that of Jace Krios and the princess in exile, Katrijn. A vision of a fatal clash between Alva and Katrijn sends Jace to the edges of time and space to save Katrijn from herself, only to find himself more lost than ever. He must confront his greatest fear to keep humanity from unraveling.

Friendships are tested, hearts are broken and change waits for no one in the third installment of the Andlios space opera series.


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