Smashed Hopes (Trystero Book 5) eBook


Book five in the Trystero series.

Can you hear them knocking? The door is ready to burst, and everything is set to change unless Drake, Valencia and the crew of the Trystero can prevent the coming catastrophe.

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Humanity has never been known for subtlety… now is no different.

After years of peace, things are unraveling. Drake may be the most powerful human that’s ever lived, imbued with powers beyond his wildest imagination, but still he struggles with his place in the galaxy.

For Valencia, the galaxy has done nothing but take from and hurt her, leaving her exhausted and alone.

There’s no rest for them in sight, though, as the godlike alien race they discovered on Thuul looms on the horizon, ready to pound down the door to the celestial gate only Drake can access and destroy humanity. All they have to do is convince Terrans to stop weaponizing alien technology…

Which is easier said than done.

If none of the Terran leaders will listen to them, and only continue down a path of destruction, can the crew of the Trystero keep hope alive by preventing the coming calamity? Or will their hopes for the future be smashed?


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