The Andlios Collection: Books 1 – 3


eBook Collection
Andlios Books 1 – 3
Cydonia Rising
Ganymede’s Gate
Monolith’s End

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The emperor of the galaxy has fallen, leaving his exiled daughter to pick up the pieces.

The once-idyllic Andlios Republic has fallen into chaos after the passing of Emperor Freeman. His son, Cronus, a madman bent on total control of the galaxy, rules in his stead. Adrift on the fringes of republic space, Katrijn Freeman must return home and fulfill her father’s dying wish: restore democracy to their fractured republic.

There are more forces in play, though. Another princess with a claim to the throne and the Earth Ministry on the other side of the galaxy, bent on domination.

It’s a race to restore order as Katrijn must traverse the cosmos with her closest allies, caught between humanity’s two great civilizations. Humanity’s two great civilizations clash as Katrijn and her friends explore their own humanity, trying to avoid repeating the same mistakes that have led to much suffering.

It’s a space adventure for the ages. This bundle includes:

  • Cydonia Rising
  • Ganymede’s Gate
  • Monolith’s End

“It’s a classical space opera mixed with some ancient Rome + medieval Scandinavia. A fascinating juxtaposition and difficult to pull off but Walsh makes it work.” –Matt Saccaro

“I highly recommend this for fans of space opera, adventure, swoon worthy ships, court intrigue, and fun world building.” – Cydonia Rising, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

“This is a great book.” – Cydonia Rising, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★


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